Lockdown and "Cantina Time" returns

Well, here we are again back in lockdown and while I'm not thrilled about that, I must admit I missed hanging out in the cantina making music and connecting with friends!

If you're stumbling across this blog and my website for the first time you may be wondering what on earth is she talking about, and why is she in the pantry? Please allow me to explain.

In our first lockdown I began posting videos on Facebook of me singing in my cantina, or as some call it the cold storage, the wine cellar, or the pantry. Actually, my cantina has very few food items, and there is no wine in there either. This is more a storage area for Christmas decorations, tools, camping gear, sporting goods, cleaning supplies and other weird random things that I have no idea where I should put and probably should just get rid of. Basically the garage for people who don't have a garage.

Once we were in lockdown and realized this wasn't just going to be a couple weeks at home, I knew it was going to be difficult with everybody around all day and night to do any kind of singing or recording. So, after a long stare at the messy cantina, I decided to clean it up and make it a place where I could sing freely in private and make some videos without disturbing anyone or being disturbed.

I posted videos pretty regularly in the beginning of the pandemic and when I was feeling really brave, I would do Facebook live. Doing live videos was often difficult because the Wi-Fi in a cellar isn't exactly the best, so for the most part I make the videos and then post them later. Initially, I was just singing along to tracks without any kind of recording equipment and it was just me singing along to the sound out of my laptop speaker. As you can see, I've spiced things up a little bit since then, bringing in the gear to record my vocals separately from video and sync up later. This also gave me a chance to start practicing editing in Adobe Premiere, which was another thing on my list of things to learn this year. You will also notice that I am beginning to incorporate the sounds and talents of my musical friends in the videos as well.

I hadn’t posted anything from the cantina since around August as it got extremely hot in there in the summer and like everyone else, when we were allowed to actually see people outside of our household for a bit, I took advantage of that short window. I did some recording at Dave Bayley’s studio, where we launched our acoustic series called Mini Tributes. Here is the first video from that series.

So here I am back in lockdown and even though I know eventually everything will open back up again, I've decided that The Cantina has room to grow and is giving me the opportunity and reason challenge myself to bring you all more media content in a variety of ways. That includes creating an actual blog after not doing one for about 10 years! I'm also in the early production stages of creating a podcast, so stay tuned everyone, because The Cantina is about to get even more creative in 2021!

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