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Review on Q107-Kim Mitchell Show
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With an ability to capture Janis Joplin's vocal style, captivating stage presence, and even the authentic banter between songs, Krista delivers a mesmerizing portrayal of the iconic 60's legend. Since 2003, she has been enthralling fans of all generations, evoking raw emotions that often leave her audience moved to tears, embarking on an unforgettable emotional roller coaster and musical journey through time.  Krista's performance is so convincingly authentic that spectators have been known to say, "We have just witnessed Janis return from beyond!" Renowned for sold-out shows and standing ovations, Piece of My Heart showcases top-notch musicians hailing from the Greater Toronto area. Their reputation has even taken them as far as San Francisco for corporate functions, where they have been hailed as the highlight of numerous summer of love, Woodstock, and 60's themed events. Krista's remarkable ability to emulate Janis has earned her accolades and nominations in Florida and Las Vegas, recognizing her as one of the industry's finest celebrity impressionists.​​


“Krista Blondin's portrayal and recreation of Janis Joplin is second to none in the tribute business.
She successfully made it feel like a Janis Joplin concert was directly in front of you.“

Andy Frost, Radio Personality 

"Her remarkable rendition of Janis Joplin had the audience in awe"
Canadian National Exhibition

"One of the most electrifying audience responses over the entire weekend”
Port Credit Southside Shuffle

“It’s almost scary how good she is at this act. This girl can nail these vocals”
John Scholes, Radio Personality 

"She has Joplin's vocals, look, moves and mannerisms down!"
The Mississauga News




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